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We offer our seafood platter as Take Away. If you wish to invite friends, family or a romantic date over for dinner, we have made sure to make it as easy for you as possible with our seafood platters to go.

We take care of most of the preparations. All you have to do is to choose a pickup time and invite your guests.

What you get per person:

3 oysters

1/2 lobster

2 langoustines

Approx. 300 grams of crab claws

Approx. 150 grams of shrimps

Mayonnaise, cocktails sauce, vinaigrette, Tabasco, garlic butter and bread.

We'll also add a bib and wet wipes.

Price per person: 475 DKK

By clicking the button below you get to choose your preferred date - dates with green spots are available.

And on the following pages you can read more about the concept and perhaps ad a wine or dessert to your order.

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